• Designer: Christian Ive
  • Director: Cliftion Wong

About Perox Lighting Co. Ltd.

Perox Lighting Co. Ltd is a manufacturer of LED lighting fixtures. The unique design of our products and services to create light that increases the value of its surroundings along with the technologies necessary to ensure the optimal projection of such illumination. We are a Hong Kong based company managing by a Canadian-Hong Kong owner which has his own lighting manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China. We are a leading LED lighting manufacturer in the architectural and commercial segment of the lighting market.

Environmental conservation initiatives are a central focus of our operations, and we work to develop technologies and provide lighting expertise that delivers higher-value lighting environments with less energy. We strive not only to help architectural and commercial facilities boost business performance with dramatic lighting solutions, but also to enable people to coexist with the environment thanks to the highest possible energy efficiency.

Our mass-production plant provides the cost competitiveness that makes it possible to provide high quality in a reasonable price range. Our Chinese plant manufactures lighting fixtures that are ideal in terms of innovative, competitive pricing and high-grade to meet the expectations of lighting designers worldwide.